New Delhi: Delhi BJP president Manoj Tiwari has said that he has received a message on his personal phone threatening to kill him and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Tiwari alleged that the sender claimed he is under ‘extreme compulsion’ to eliminate him and PM Modi.

The sender of the SMS also said in his Hindi message that he was ‘sorry’ for deciding to eliminate Manoj Tiwari under ‘extreme compulsion’.’Although I never thought of doing this, but its my compulsion and I have to do this’, the message by an unknown mobile number reportedly read.

The Delhi BJP president claimed that the unidentified sender also threatened to eliminate PM Narendra Modi ‘if need be’. “Not just Manoj Tiwari, if the need be, I will also kill our country’s prime minister Narendra Modi and all those people…..” the message further read. (Have Guts Kill Modi Congress Leader Gives Call to Assassinate Prime Minister Modi)

“I have informed the police about the threat,” Tiwari told new agency PTI. A formal complaint about the threat will be lodged soon, said Delhi BJP’s Media Relations head Neelkant Bakshi.

If reports are to be believed, the message was received on Tiwari’s mobile phone at 12:52 pm on Friday which he saw on Saturday evening.

Earlier this month, a letter threatening to kill PM Modi before his swearing-in ceremony on May 30 was received at the BJP office in Jaipur. However, after investigation, a senior police officer  said that it was a ‘mischief’ committed by somebody. Rajasthan BJP chief Madan Lal Saini had received the letter on May 29. In the letter, the sender had threatened to shoot the Prime Minister.

The police traced the address mentioned in the letter and four men were interrogated but it turned out that they were not involved, Deputy Commissioner of Police Yogesh Dadhich said.

In October last year, Delhi Commissioner of Police Amulya Patnaik had allegedly received an e-mail which threatened that Modi will be assassinated in 2018. The one-line e-mail, which was sent to Patnaik’s official mail, claimed that PM Modi will be killed in November 2018. The mail was reportedly sent from a northeastern state.