New Delhi, Feb 13: Body of a seven-year-old boy, who had gone missing on January 7, was found in a suitcase at Nathupura village on Tuesday morning. The minor, Ashish, was allegedly murdered and his body hidden in a suitcase for over a month allegedly by a tenant of his family. The tenant, identified as Avadesh Sakya, has been arrested.

Avadesh, a UPSC aspirant, was reportedly miffed with the boy’s parents as they objected to his habit of partying. He also did not like it when the parents allegedly refused to send Ashish to meet him. However, the exact motive of the murder is yet to be known as the victim was close to him.

According to police, Ashish’s body was found bundled in a suitcase and its condition shows that he was killed soon after he went missing, reported Hindustan Times. A case has been registered against Avadesh at Swaroop Nagar police station.

Avadesh had been living as a tenant of the family for the last eight years. He initially stayed in the same house as the family and moved to another of their property five years ago.