New Delhi: Nearly two years after the horrific case of Burari deaths unfolded in which 11 members of a family were found hanging from the ceiling, a pathologist and his family have decided to move into the East Delhi residence that was famously termed “horror house”. Also Read - Burari Deaths Not Suicide But Accident, Reveals CFSL Report

“I don’t believe in superstitions and ghosts. All I know is that I am getting a house that fits my budget,” said Dr Mohan Kashyap, speaking to The Indian Express, who plans to set up a pathological lab on the ground floor and stay on the first floor of the building. Also Read - Burari Deaths: Psychological Autopsy Report of Deceased Concurs With Police Probe

Dr Kashyap also said that he was aware of the ‘horror’ tag given to the house and that he planned to conduct a havan before he and his family move in on Sunday. Also Read - Black Magic, Anger Behind Kerala Family's Murder; Krishnan's Student Absconding

According to a Times of India report, Dr Kashyap said that his children were well aware of the incidents and also used to visit the house earlier for tuitions. “It has been long since the incident. We can’t live in fear…,” he added.

The curious incident dates back to July 2, 2018, when 11 members of the Chundawat family allegedly committed mass suicide by hanging themselves from an iron mesh attached to the ceiling of their two-storey house. They had also left suicide notes in their diaries claiming they took the adverse step to attain ‘moksha’.

According to the grisly details revealed in the Burari case, the police had said that it was Lalit Chundawat, son of 75-year-old Narayani Devi, who convinced the family into the “mass suicide” to attain “Moksha”. Narayani was discovered on the floor, while her sons Lalit (45) and Bhavnesh (50), their wives Teena (42) and Savita (48), and children Dhruv (15), Shivam (15), Nidhi (25), and Maneka (23) were found hanging from a railing in another room. Devi’s daughter Prathiba was found hanging from a window, while her daughter Priyanka was found in the same room as others.

Dinesh, Lalit’s brother had been looking for buyers for the house for months but no one, until Dr Kashyap, had the courage to remain in the house after its rumours about ghosts.

In September this year, the remaining family members moved out the belongings from the house. Dr Mohan’s family had visited the flat in November and finally decided to move in after he got a “good price” for the big house.