New Delhi: An 80-year-old woman and her 90-year-old ailing brother were found dead in their house in northwest Delhi’s Rana Pratap Bagh on Wednesday morning, according to reports.Also Read - Station Managers of 2 Airlines of Delhi Airport Issued Show-cause Notice For Not Following Covid-19 Guidelines

The incident came to light after their milkman alerted the neighbours of a stench emanating from the house. Half an hour later, police reached the spot, broke open the door and found the bodies in a decomposed state. Also Read - Delhi High Court Allows 500 Restaurants to Sell Herbal Hookah on THESE Conditions

The deceased have been identified as Rajkumari Khosla (80) and her brother Chaman Lal Khosla (90). The bodies were reportedly found in the room of their house without fan or air conditioner. Besides, the decomposed state indicated that the Khoslas were dead for at least two days. Also Read - Thief Robs iPhone at Knife-Point, Says He Wanted to Give Expensive Gift to His Girlfriend!

Chaman Lal was taken care of by his sister Rajkumari after a road accident reportedly paralysed him. The Khoslas were housebound and hardly spoke with their neighbours, stated a report. Only the milkman saw Rajkumari every day.

According to forensic experts, the body of Rajkumari was more decomposed than that of her brother. A report by Times of India quoted a neighbour of the Khoslas as saying, “Neither of them had married, and they rarely had a visitor.” The neighbour Rakesh Kumar added, “They were frail and the brother couldn’t walk unassisted. He had retired from LIC 30 years ago and his pension was their only source of income.”

Meanwhile, the younger brother of the Khoslas contacted the neighbours on Wednesday over the phone to hear the news that his siblings were dead. The younger brother is a resident of Anand Vihar.