New Delhi: The Delhi Government is mulling over the idea of revising fees charged by the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC). DTC which is cash-starved at the moment has been offering tickets at a fixed price since 2009. The revision in the fares of DTC tickets comes after a meeting was conducted by the DTC Board helmed by Principal Secretary (Finance) in the month of June under the chairmanship of Delhi Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot.

Also, talks are in for setting up of a committee to examine the alternative avenues of revenue generation in order to haul DTC out of dire straits. Meanwhile, a Delhi government spokesperson refuted the claims saying, “No such proposal has been moved to the government yet.”

In contrast to the above statement made, as per a DNA report, the meeting held in June stated that fares of DTC tickets had not been increased since the year 2009. It pointed out that DTC fares had not been increased considering the cost of men and material which has increased over the years. Principal Secretary (Finance) had said that DTC should immediately examine and move a proposal regarding fare revision to the administrative department.