New Delhi, June 11: The Delhi High Court on Monday allowed rebel Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Delhi MLA Kapil Mishra to file a petition against Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. In his petition, Mishra has said that Kejriwal has less than 10% attendance in the Assembly. The court is likely to hear the petition on Tuesday, said ANI. He said the court should direct Kejriwal to attend Assembly and that the Lieutenant Governor and the Speaker of the Assembly should be instructed to ensure that the CM attended the Assembly session. He said, “The CM’s attendance is less than 10% in Assembly and he missed special sessions for full statehood and sealing. He was there for just two hours. It is an insult to the votes people of Delhi gave to us. If he isn’t attending the Assembly, his salary should be cut.” (Also read: Delhi Court Grants Bail to Kapil Mishra)

Mishra has been gunning for party leader Kejriwal for a while now. Earlier, he said that Delhi Chief Secretary Anshu Prakash was assaulted inside a ‘secret room’ at Kejriwal’s residence. A couple of months ago, he was marshalled out of the Delhi Assembly after he went near the Speaker’s chair and tore a copy of the House’s business list, demanding the removal of a scheduled discussion regarding “alleged attempt to incite communal disturbance on pretext of Ramnavami procession”.

Mishra’s antics have attracted the attention of the BJP, so much so that Vijay Goel even invited him to the saffron party. In January this year, Mishra, who was sacked by Kejriwal last year after he alleged that the latter was involved in corruption, tweeted photos of two passports of Sanjay Singh with different signatures. Mishra also questioned why Sanjay Singh’s passport was valid only for a period of one year.