New Delhi, March 27: Most probably when you think about pollution, you imagine a smog-filed filled city, or an ocean full of plastic bags. But noise pollution is a growing problem and surprisingly Delhi, the national capital of India is the second worst city with highest noise pollutions, a World Health Organisation report claims. Delhi is followed by Cairo, Mumbai, Istanbul and Beijing as the noise pollution in these cities had touched triple digits. Also Read - Mumbai Man's Wallet Stolen in Local Train Found by Cops After 14 Years, Includes Demonetised Rs 500 Note

Delhi is followed by Cairo, Mumbai, Istanbul and Beijing as the noise pollution in these cities tough triple digits.
The study also reveals that the Guangzhou in China had the worst noise pollution, while Zurich in Switzerland had the least. The reports which is known as the – Worldwide Hearing Index – has been created by digital hearing app founders Mimi Hearing Technologies Gmbh after which an analysis was done on 2,00,000 of their users. (Read full report here) Also Read - Coronavirus Cases in Delhi Cross 1.45 Lakh-mark, Kejriwal Says Situation Under Control | Top Developments

Barcelona one of the famous European city also featured in the WHO’s list and came on 7th positions. Whereas Mexico City, Paris and Buenos Aires came at 8th, 9th and 10th position respectively. Also Read - 'Many From Outside Getting Tested Here': Delhi Health Minister on Rise in Capital's COVID-19 Cases

The five quietest cities – Zurich, Vienna, Oslo, Munich and Stockholm – were all found in Europe. Also, three other German cities found its place in the quietest top 10, Dusseldorf in 6th place, Hamburg in 7th place, and Cologne in 9th place. Portland came in 8th and Amsterdam came in 10th place, the report said.

According to WHO report, a typical source of noise pollution is transport, such as road, rail and air traffic.

The report further adds that most of the people living in the noise polluted cities face hearing loss. Around 360 million people worldwide have been facing hearing loss out of which 32 million of these are children. The report further added that an excessive exposure to noise is one of the causes.

The report also says that in next few years around 1.1 billion teenagers worldwide are at risk of developing hearing loss due to unsafe use of personal audio devices and exposure to damaging levels of sounds in noisy entertainment venues.