New Delhi: The family of a former TV journalist has filed an FIR against a government hospital for medical negligence after they sent the man to buy his own medicines even as he suffered a heart attack. While standing in the queue at the pharmacy, waiting for his turn, Deepanshu Dubey reportedly collapsed on Friday last week, said reports. (Also read: Bihar Minister’s Son Stabbed to Death)

As per a report in DNA, Dubey had severe chest pain on Friday so he rushed to Delhi government’s Hedgewar Hospital while asking a friend of his to meet him there. After a preliminary examination, he was reportedly asked to bring medicines from the pharmacy where he died from the stroke. His family will also approach the Delhi Medical Council to look into the matter.

A Kanpur resident, Dubey had been living in Delhi for over a decade while working as a news anchor with different news channels. In January this year, he turned entrepreneur and started his own news portal. Dubey is survived by his parents, a sister and his widow. The report said Dubey had a similar heart attack last year as well. He was taken to a private hospital and given an injection.

“I am still in a state of shock. As soon as he called me, I rushed to the hospital because I knew of his heart condition. When I got there, three or four doctors were huddled over him, pumping his chest,” said his friend Anjuman Gusain. He added, “Some people at the spot, including a cop, told me that he fell while standing in the pharmacy queue. How could the hospital staff ask a patient to go and buy his own medicines?”

Dubey’s last rites were performed in Kanpur on Saturday. Meanwhile, hospital’s Medical Superintendent Dr Sushil Kumar remained unavailable for comment.