New Delhi, Sept 30: A man in Delhi’s Okhla Phase 2 allegedly killed a 6-year-old boy from his neighbourhood on the suspicion that he was peeping into their bathroom while his wife was in. He alleged that along with peeping, the boy also passed lewd comments on his newly-wedded wife. The boy, who was missing for two days, was found dead on Friday morning in a bed box by one of the neighbours. The Delhi police arrested Rohit (19) on Friday, reported Hindustan Times.

The neighbour, who found the box, told the police that a strong stench was coming from a locked room. She thought it was a dead rat. However, when the box was opened, there was a sack inside which had the boy’s dead body in it. The boy’s face and hands were visible; his mouth tied with a black cloth, reported Hindustan Times.

The police informed that on Wednesday evening, Rohit caught the six-year-old boy peeping into their bathroom when his wife was taking a shower. This angered him and he slammed the boy’s head against the edge of the bed. (ALSO READ: Life imprisonment for four in abduction, murder case)

Romil Baaniya, DCP (southeast) said, “His head hit the edge of the bed. On seeing him bleed, Rohit panicked and wrapped a cloth around his face. He then put the body in a bed box to hide it.”

The boy lived with his parents and two elder brothers in Jeevan Jyoti Rajeev camp in Okhla Phase 2.