New Delhi: In the newly issued guidelines to be implemented from June 1, the ministry of home affairs has specifically mentioned that there shall be no restriction on the inter-state movement of persons and goods. “No separate permission/approval/e-permit will be required for such movements,” the guideline says under a separate head titled ‘Unrestricted movement of persons and goods’.Also Read - Farmers Protest Likely to Intensify as Opposition Backs 'Bharat Bandh' on Dec 8 | 10 Points

Does this mean Delhi-Noida-Gurgaon-Faridabad-Ghaziabad border will open? Also Read - Unlock 3: Noida-Delhi, Ghaziabad-Delhi Borders Open. Are E-Passes Required Anywhere From Today?

Well, here is the catch. Also Read - Will India Impose Lockdown Again? All Eyes on PM Modi’s Virtual Meeting With Chief Ministers Today

Though the order makes an effort to mention special passes, which are now required to travel between the states in the NCR region, the Centre leaves a room for interpretation here.

“However, if a state/UT, based on reasons of public health and its assessment of the situation, proposes to regulate the movement of persons, it will give wide publicity in advance regarding the restrictions to be placed on such movement, and the related procedures to be followed,” the guideline says in the very next point.

So what the Centre is basically saying is that the border sealing can continue, but there should not be any abrupt or sudden decision. People should not suffer for any sudden border shutdown. Plus, the procedure to get passes should be clear.

The borders of Delhi-Noida, Delhi-Gurgaon, Delhi-Faridabad, Delhi-Ghaziabad have been closed in the wake of the massive outbreak of COVID-19 cases in Delhi. All the border-sharing districts have been blaming Delhi for the spike in the number of cases there. Instead of easing the border curbs, fresh orders have been imposed leading to massive checks in the borders which are inevitably leading to traffic chaos.