New Delhi: A 20-year-old was so impressed by the beauty of Manali that he planned to loot the pizza outlet he worked at. To pull off the heist at the Rohtak Road outlet, the man roped in his friend as well. The friend went on to contact two sharpshooters to execute the plan, said a report in The Times of India.

The man, Sonu, conducted a recce first. Then, he stole the spare keys of the outlet to hand over to his accomplice Bunty. Bunty stormed in along with the two hired sharpshooters, Sachin and Sumit, on Sunday night, knowing very well that there would be cash collected over the weekend.

The trio held four employees at gunpoint and emptied the cash box of Rs 1.7 lakh. As the investigation began, police teams questioning the staff noticed that Sonu had deleted the call history from his phone. He was called in for questioning and when he failed to give convincing answers, he was detained.

Later, Sonu confessed to being part of the conspiracy and revealed that his associates purchased clothes and shoes with the loot and were planning to go to Manali as well. The cops then laid a trap and arrested Bunty with Rs 36,000 and recovered expensive shoes and clothes. Sachin and Sumit were also nabbed.

A Delhi court has granted bail to a man accused of conspiring an attempted robbery of a vehicle carrying Rs 4.2 crore cash in east-Delhi area in October, noting that the allegations against him were merely based on disclosure statements of others accused.

A 50-year-old security guard of the cash van was killed after the accused allegedly opened fire at the vehicle in an attempt to rob it near the DND toll plaza in Mayur Vihar area.

Special Judge Pulastya Pramachala granted relief to the accused — Parvesh — on a personal bond of Rs 30,000 while imposing various conditions on him. The court said the accused will not leave the country without its prior permission, or intimate in case of emergency, and that he will not try to influence the witnesses in the case.

The court took note of the submissions made by advocate Vijay Aggarwal, appearing for the accused, that Delhi police lacked evidence against his client. “In the present case, I find that allegations against the applicant are merely based on disclosure statements of either applicant or co-accused persons…

“Applicant is alleged to be one of the conspirators and such allegations require a strict test of trial. Call detail records (CDR) in themselves cannot be sufficient evidence to say that applicant was conspirator,” the judge said in the December 11 order.

According to the FIR, on October 8, the accused had tried to rob a cash van in Mayur Vihar area of East Delhi using arms.

Later, the police arrested some of the accused persons in the case and on their disclosure statement, Parvesh was arrested. The van belonged to a security agency and the victim guard was accompanied by the custodian of the firm along with the driver.