New Delhi: The power of pink is set to hit the streets of the national capital as Delhi Police constituted a special patrolling team of 16 women personnel who will be given eight pink coloured two-wheelers to appear distinguishable and raise awareness on the safety of women on the streets.

The 16 women constables have been assigned the two daily time slots – from 11 AM to 1 PM and 5 PM to 7 PM. The team will be patrolling in the North-East district of Delhi. The women constables of the team will be wearing pink helmets and ride pink and white scooters.

Speaking to news agency ANI, one of the women constables said, “The aim behind choosing pink color is to build confidence in women so that they can approach us without hesitation. Women feel happy seeing us. Public-police interaction has increased after this. We are also given chilli powder, spy camera, pepper spray, weapon.” Adding to that, the pillion will also be armed with a pistol.

However, the move that was made for women bystanders to approach them without hesitation, has encountered criticism for reinforcing gender stereotypes. Police veterans were of the idea that it is contrary to the spirit of a uniform which must see no discrimination whether in dress code, vehicles, arms or ammunition.

The Delhi government has previously taken similar steps to raise awareness on women’s safety on the streets of the capital city. We have already seen the pink autorickshaws around the city to promote a safe commute for women.

Moreover, in October, the AAP government also rolled out a ‘free bus rides’ offer for women carrying the pink ticket in an attempt to transform the socio-economic status of women in our society and improve their participation in public spaces as well as the workforce.