April 5: A dog is a man’s best friend and probably the best body guard too. Dogs are loyal, smart and are ever ready to defend their human against any and every danger that might befall him/her. No wonder then, that police forces around the world, depend on their canine squads in the most daunting of situations. Now Delhi police has also decided to include these adorable four legged creatures, amongst their forces and we can’t help bu  go gaga over their cuteness! Also Read - 'Goosebumps!' Kesari Star Akshay Kumar Lauds Delhi Police Constable's Viral Video of 'Teri Mitti' Rendition

On Monday, the police force announced that they have added a squad of some 30 Labrador retriever recruits to their forces. A special ceremony was also held at the India Gate lawns to commemorate the induction of these extremely special recruits. It’s raining cuteness in here and it’s only being intensified by the names of these precious ones- Teddy, Moby and Babe. Don’t they look absolutely dapper in their uniforms? But, they’re as tough as they heart warmingly delightful and have been put through rigorous training drills. Also Read: Indian Army dogs to walk down Rajpath this Republic Day after 26 years Also Read - TikTok Star Siya Kakkar’s Suicide Case Latest Update: Police Seizes Phone For Investigation, to Question Close Friend And School Authorities

According to a report on indiatimes.com, the dogs will be used to unearth explosives and rescue victims from underneath rubble and such. The dogs have been recruited from the Indian Army and have been added to the already existing dog squad, which is almost nearing retirement, said the report. The new recruits have undergone training at the Remount Veterinary Corp of the Indian Army and 20 of them have been trained to sniff out explosives, while the rest will hunt down criminals. Also Read - Delhi Riots: BJP Leader Kapil Mishra Missing From Chargesheet Again Despite Witnesses