New Delhi, Dec 22: The air quality of Delhi on Thursday dipped back to the ‘severe’ level with a sharp rise in the particulate matter. Delhiites yet again woke up to find a blanket of smog covering them on Friday morning. The air quality in Shadipur, according to news agency ANI, has been recorded at 227 and that of Mandir Marg was at 295; both ‘very unhealthy’ on Air Quality Index.

Delhi’s air quality was recorded at 426 on Thursday evening, higher than Wednesday morning, as the concentration of most prominent pollutants, PM 2.5 and PM 10, dipped to the severe category in Delhi. Explained: Delhi Govt Tests Anti-Smog Gun to Counter Pollution: Here’s How it Works

On Wednesday, Delhi’s air quality was recorded at 359, which falls under ‘very poor’ category. On Tuesday, the air quality was at 300, while on Sunday, it was moderate at 197. An Air Quality between 0-50 is considered good, 51-100 satisfactory, 101-200 moderate, 201-300 poor, 301-400 very poor, and 401-500 severe.

“What we see in Delhi today is smog and not fog. Delhi will see more smog in the coming days and air quality will deteriorate further,” Shambhavi Shukla, a researcher at the Centre for Science and Environment and EPCA member, told IANS.

Wednesday’s fog resulted in 54 north-bound trains running behind schedule. The departure time of 12 trains were rescheduled due to dense fog.

“This is fog and along with local emissions, it becomes smog. Calm conditions are not allowing the pollutants to get dispersed. The wind speed, which was 15-16km/hour a couple of days back, is now 5-6km/hour,” said Kuldeep Srivastava, a senior MeT department scientist, adding, “Things will improve after a couple of days once the wind speed increases.”

People have been advised to stay indoors and avoid physical activities.