New Delhi, December 20: The Delhi government tested the smog gun on Wednesday at Anand Vihar, one of the most polluted areas of Delhi, to ascertain whether the machine could do something to end smog in the national capital.

Smog is the mixture of pollutants and moisture. The smoke particles remain suspended in the air and mix with moisture. It reduces visibility and is said to be terrible for the health of people inhaling  the smog.

What is an Anti-smog Gun?

The device, named as anti-smog gun, sprays atomised water in the air to bring down pollution particles suspended in atmosphere. It is mounted on a vehicle; hence, the device is mobile and can be taken around in the city. It works like rain– atomised water brings down pollutants from city’s atmosphere.

Similar machine is used in China. The move is inspired by the Chinese authorities that used water cannons to reduce air pollution and bring down pollutants hanging in the air. The authorities in Delhi are mulling other ways to control pollution.

Environment Secretary Anil Kumar Singh apprised Lt Governor Anil Baijal on Monday about the detailed action plan to combat air pollution. The Lt Governor ordered to ensure management of municipal solid waste completely.

“The plan should cover a time-frame not exceeding 16 months and also indicate the exact requirement of funds. The chief secretary has been asked to coordinate and finalise it,” the L-G office said in a statement.