New Delhi: In what came as a nightmarish incident for an elderly couple in the national capital, the relationship manager of a bank used their documents and allegedly siphoned off Rs 1.5 crore from their accounts, according to a Times of India report.

While the cops arrested the manager employed with a private bank, they are yet to recover the amount drained out of the account of 85-year-old Delhi businessman and his wife.

The senior citizen, in his complaint to the police, said that the suspect and his accomplices forged his signatures to create fake bank accounts. The money drawn from the accounts was used to pay insurance premiums of policies bought by the suspect and his family members.

After retiring, the senior citizen sold off his business and kept the money in the bank. The bank provided the couple with doorstep delivery of services because of their advanced age. The suspected relationship manager used to come to their house to update them about their bank statements and transactions.

The duped businessman told cops that he had opened three saving accounts in the bank in 2011 and the suspect had all the information about it.

In May 2018, the senior citizen received a call from an insurance company informing them about a policy his wife had recently bought.

Unaware of buying any such policy, the elderly asked the relationship manager about this. After initially avoiding the conversation, he later admitted to investing their money in insurance policies and promised to return it along with interest.

When the retired businessman checked his account statements at the bank, he discovered that multiple withdrawals were made from their accounts without their knowledge.
The suspect named his own daughters as nominees of the fake accounts created in the senior citizen couple’s name.