New Delhi: The peak power demand of the national capital has broken all its previous records and reached 7,241 MW at 3:29 PM on Monday. Last year, the peak demand was recorded at 7,016 MW.

“On July 1, the all-time peak power demand reached 7,241 MW, crossing last previous high of 7,016 MW by 225 MW met on July 9, 2018,” an SLDC official said.

Experts believe that cooling load is the main factor behind the increase in Delhi’s power load.

“In fact, according to estimates, almost around 50% of Delhi’s power demand in summers is because of the cooling load (ACs +cooolers + fans),” a discom official told a leading portal

Before Monday, the highest peak power demand was recorded on June 2, when it reached 6,560MW. That was higher than the peak load of 2017 — 6,526 MW on June 6, 2017.

Delhi’s power demand had crossed the 6,000 MW for the first time in 2016 (6,216 MW on July 1), Times of India reported.