New Delhi: The “key conspirators” in the case in the north east Delhi riots of February had decided to deploy the ultimate “guerrilla strategy” of blaming the law enforcement for the carnage, police have alleged in the charge sheet.Also Read - My Focus Will Be On Basic Policing: Rakesh Asthana Takes Charges As Delhi Police Chief

In the charge sheet, filed before a Delhi court on September 16, police have alleged that the conspirators panicked when some of the members of the group “Delhi Protest Support Group” (DPSG) began to show their dissent and threatened to expose their terrorist activities. Also Read - Former CBI Special Director Rakesh Asthana Appointed Commissioner of Delhi Police

The charge sheet claimed that “disenchanted and disconcerted” with the scale and magnitude of the violence unleashed by the “key conspirators”, a few members of the DPSG WhatsApp group threatened to expose each and every culprits of DPSG group who were responsible for these riots. Also Read - Delhi Police Arrests Mumbai Firm's Managing Director in Rs 100 Crore Cheating Case

“Alarmed and panicked by these whistle blowing posts, the last of which was posted on February 24 at 4.19 pm, a chain reaction followed.

“The cumulative effect of the conversations (between members of DPSG) was that the conspirators, panicked by the behaviour of few of their group members, decided to deploy the ultimate guerrilla strategy of blaming the law enforcement for the carnage that had resulted in the pursuance of their conspiracy,” the charge sheet alleged.

The charge sheet stated that the members were directed to delete incriminating chats and migrate to Signal app to disappear evidence.

“Facebook posts and WhatsApp chats establish the facts that JNU student Sharjeel Imam had never separated himself from the protest and the exit strategy from Shaheen Bagh was also an act in pursuance and furtherance of common conspiracy. In so much so that he continued propagating the model of disruptive ‘Chakka Jaam’ which was tutored to him by his mentor Umar Khalid until before his arrest,” it claimed.

It further said that Jamia Co-ordination Committee (JCC), the first WhatsApp group created by Jamia student Safoora Zargar, was left dormant on January 24 and operational communication shifted to fresh chat groups as two of the members ( Tanha and Chandan Kumar) were called by the investigating agencies in connection with violence on December 15 last year.

“Safoora Zargar removed Tanha and Chandan from WhatsApp group Jamia Millia Islamia Co-ordination Committee to mask the traces, since they were summoned by the police,” it alleged.

Police have also attached a screenshot of a WhatsApp chat of Imam with one Afreen Fatima on Jan 9, which showed that Imam called for blockade of roads and create “Chakka Jaam” by replicating the Hong Kong model.

In 2019, violent pro-democracy, anti-government protests rocked Hong Kong and the protests had begun as peaceful mass marches which later became violent.

Communal clashes had broken out in northeast Delhi on February 24 after violence between citizenship law supporters and protesters spiralled out of control leaving at least 53 people dead and around 200 injured.