New Delhi: The roads in the national capital will soon be redesigned to deal with traffic congestion, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said blaming various technicalities for the snail’s pace that the city traffic often moves at.

“Traffic situation in Delhi can be improved. Roads in Delhi are broader than some Western countries. But in Delhi, a four-lane road converges into a three-lane one at some distance and then further expands into a six-lane road. This is where the problem lies,” the CM said.

The hurdles lie in the existence of too many agencies, the CM said. “We had earlier planned to redesign nine major roads but it took four years to hire international consultants and go through the required processes. Now that it’s done, we will announce the complete plan soon,” he said.

Mr Kejriwal said the government is also working on roping in private players in the transport sector.

“Within next fortnight the plan will be announced, we will rope in 3,000-4,000 private buses to be used as public transport. If we will provide good buses, people will choose them over private cars. There will also be a mobile application to track the location of the buses,” he said, as quoted by PTI.

“We are also working on a phased plan in which round the clock supply of water will be available in Delhi in the next five years. We have already achieved the target for electricity and only a few transformers need to be replaced,” Arvind Kejriwal said.

(With Agency Inputs)