New Delhi, June 16: A bunch of robbers fled with an ATM machine on Wednesday morning in Surakhpur village in outer Delhi, a leading daily reported. There was no security guard deployed at the kiosk. Om Prakash, who owned the property was at his residence behind the kiosk when the incident took place. He told the police that at 5:30 AM, he found the shutter of the kiosk broken and gates, damaged.

When he checked the interiors, he found the ATM machine missing and the CCTV was also left damaged. He immediately informed the police. According to an preliminary probe, it took the robbers barely 15 minutes to run away with the machine.

The robbers saw that the machine was screwed to the ground, so they thought better of it and simply, unbolted it. They fastened the machine to their truck and ran away with it. The bank to which the ATM belonged said that it had approximately Rs 10 lakh in cash.

The police told the newspaper that, similar incidents were witnessed in Mundka and Bahadurgarh; the robbers had carried out the same modus operandi to steal in both the cases. Even in those cases, the machine was plucked at places where no security guards were deployed.

Meanwhile, the police are trying to find out the identities of the robbers and the vehicle number by scanning the CCTV footage of the shops near the kiosks. The matter is being investigated further.