New Delhi, March 1: In a shameful incident, girl students at the Delhi University were hit by balloons filled with semen ahead of Holi. Students and teachers of Jesus and Mary College protested outside the Delhi Police headquarters on Thursday in the national capital over the incident. Also Read - Delhi University Can Hold Online Open-book Exams For Final-year Students From August 10, Says High Court, Passes Slew of Directions | Read Here

Narrating the incident, the student who alleged that she was hit by a semen filled balloon said, “I was in bus and hit by group of men from outside. It was not just embarrassing but was disgusting. It is horrible to see humanity has degraded. Being strangers when you hit me with something like semen it’s unacceptable and against my dignity.”

In a social media post, a girl student claimed that a group of unidentified men allegedly threw a “semen-filled” balloon at her recently. In her Instagram post on February 24, the girl, who is from the northeast, said, “I went out with a friend for lunch to a cafe in Amar Colony Market. At around five when heading back in a rickshaw there came flying my way a liquid-filled balloon hitting me in the hip where it burst open, its content seeping into my dress.

“It dried white on my black leggings… I did not guess what it really was. Only when I returned to my hostel to hear another friend of mine talking about semen-flinging,” she said.

“Not a single person in that busy market batted a single eyelid at the sight of men throwing such balloons,” she said in the post.

The student recalled the ordeal she underwent and said, “Ever since in moved to this city seven months ago, I ‘ve been bumped by more than once by men.” “All accidentally of course. Hands have patted on me inappropriately,” she said adding that she has also been called derogatory names.

Police said the incident has come to their knowledge and they are trying to contact the girl so that an investigation can take place. “We have not received any complaint regarding this yet,” a senior police official said.

The Delhi University had yesterday announced elaborate internal and external security arrangements on campus, hostels and other colleges to counter any possible threat under the garb of Holi celebrations.

With inputs from PTI