New Delhi: Preliminary investigations into the death of Intelligence Bureau (IB) staffer Ankit Sharma, who was found dead in Chand Bagh during the communal violence that swept northeast Delhi last week, have indicated, according to several reports, that his death might be a case of ‘targeted killing’ instead of him being killed in the violence. Also Read - 'Checked And Found Him at His Home,' Delhi Police Denies 'Rescuing' Suspended AAP Councillor Tahir Hussain

The police, according to reports, have put together a sequence of events which eventually culminated with his death. As per this sequence, Ankit had returned from office at 5 PM on February 25 with his friends. He, along with a friend, Kalu, were standing on the side of a small bridge while stones were being pelted from the side. Also Read - 'He Immediately Rushed to Akhlaq, But Has no Time For Slain IB Official Ankit Sharma': Kapil Mishra Fires Fresh Salvo at Kejriwal

The IB staffer, who, as per eyewitnesses, was at the front, tripped over a stone and fell and was then dragged away to the other side by a group of men who had arrived at the spot seeing him fall and overpowered him. The sequence states that ‘no other person was taken away by the group.’ Also Read - Delhi Violence: IB Officer Ankit Sharma’s Post-mortem Report Reveals Multiple Stabbing Wounds

He was then possibly taken away to a house as no one saw him after he was taken away. The police suspect that this is where he was stripped, brutalised and killed. His body was then dumped into a drain and found and taken out the next day.

A total of 54 stab wounds are reported to be in his body.

According to reports, the intelligence department, after studying the prima facie sequence of events, is convinced that ‘Ankit was killed to send across a message’ as ‘no one is killed in such a way even by a rioting mob.’

Efforts are being made to identify the suspects who dragged him away, based on their details as per the eyewitnesses.

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) councillor Tahir Hussain has been accused of killing the IB staffer. Suspended by his party, he is currently on the run.