New Delhi: The Delhi Commission for Women on Tuesday rescued a woman who was held captive by her own brother for last two years at his residence in Delhi’s Rohini area. The woman was also starved, tortured and kept in a horrifying condition by her brother. A report also said that she was given only one piece of bread every four days in the last two years.

The woman was rescued when another brother of the woman called up police and informed them about the woman’s condition. The woman was found on the terrace of the house without any toilet or other facilities with piles of excreata. She has been reduced to bones, DCW said.

“50-year-old woman tortured, starved & held captive by own brother for 2 years. When we rescued her from terrace, she was lying in her excreta. She is unable to talk, walk & even recognise people. FIR filed against the brother but he is yet to be arrested. Crime against humanity!,” DCW chief Swati Maliwal wrote on Twitter.’

When the DCW team reached the Rohini house and asked the woman’s brother to open it, he refused. The DCW team took help of the police to get into the house. The team then climbed the walls of a neighbour and rescued the woman. When the team reached the roof of the house, the woman was lying in her own excreta. She is unable to walk, talk and recognise anyone.

On being questioned, the 50-year-old woman told the police that  she was given only one piece of bread by her brother in every four days. She was not even allowed to meet anyone. She has been admitted to a local hospital.

“The condition of the lady was pathetic. She has been starving for several days and reduced to bones. She was kept on open terrace which had no room or toilets and the terrace contained piles of the excreta of the woman,” the DCW said in a statement.