New Delhi, Mar 29: A 30-year-old woman ordered a phone from a popular e-retailer. However, when it wasn’t delivered to her on the promised date, she was so furious that she attacked the delivery personnel when he arrived. Not once, but 20 times with a knife, and later dumped his wounded body outside, allegedly with her brother’s help.Also Read - Tamil Nadu Shocker: Upset Over Being Called 'Girlish', Class 12 Student Stabs Friend to Death

As per the report in The Hindu, police received a call about an injured man lying near a drain in Chandan Vihar. Police took the man, identified later as 28-year-old Keshav, to Sanjay Gandhi Hospital where his condition was said to be critical. However, he managed to give his statement to police. That, along with CCTV footage, helped police crack the case. Also Read - Man Hacked to Death on PVNR Expressway in Hyderabad's Attapur Area

According to Keshav, he was supposed to deliver a phone worth Rs 11,000 to the accused woman, identified as Kamal Deep, on March 21. He said the woman kept calling him through the day and she sounded quite angry that the delivery was delayed. Keshav admitted that he was new to the area so he found it difficult to locate the woman’s house. When he got there, he said, Kamal Deep was livid and she rushed at him with a kitchen knife. He said when Kamal’s brother Jitender Singh tried to pacify her, she told him to either help her teach Keshav “a lesson” or mind his own business. All the while, she yelled at Keshav for deliberately delivering her phone late. Also Read - Nothing's 1st Smartphone to be Available on Flipkart in India

At that point, the duo overpowered Keshav and stabbed him multiple times. They even tried to strangulate him with a shoelace and looted Rs 40,000 from him. lace.Later, they dumped him where he was found eventually.

Police said during the investigation, the accused duo tried to misguide them but footage from CCTV camera installed close by helped. It showed the entry of the delivery man and later how his injured body was hauled out of the building late in the night. The accused siblings have been arrested and charges slapped on them for an attempt to murder and intentionally causing injury while committing a robbery. Police have also recovered a blood-stained towel, the knife used in the crime and the money looted from Keshav.