New Delhi, Nov 1: Kajal Bansal and Himani Bansal, sisters from Delhi bravely fought a thief who snatched one of their mobile phones and tried to run and handed him over to the police. The incident happened in the Chandni Chowk area of Delhi where the two girls had gone for shopping.

Narrating the incident, Kajal, the younger sister, told Zee News that they were in an autorickshaw when a man standing beside the vehicle snatched her mobile phone and tried to run. “Our auto slowed down as there was a traffic signal and that is when a man standing next to our auto snatched my phone and tried to run,” she said.

Kajal said that while she went blank, her elder sister Himani asked her to run and chase the man. She said she and Himani both got off the auto and followed the man. “When we reached close to him we pushed him following which he fell down,” Kajal said.

She said that she snatched her mobile phone back and shouted to make sure the policemen in the area could hear. “When we shouted, the policemen in the area heard and came to the spot. We handed him over to the police,” Kajal said.

Kajal added that it was only because of her sister’s motivation at the spot that she gathered the courage to follow the thief.