New Delhi, Nov 21: Ruckus beyond control was exhibited in the Parliament on Tuesday. Opposition united in both Houses of Parliament to pose the toughest challenge before the Government so far in the Winter Session. The proceedings in Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha were adjourned on couple of occasions before being called off for the day. The point of contention between Opposition and Government remained over the manner in which the Parliament should debate the issue of demonetisation.

Congress, along with other Opposition parties pinned for a debate under Rule 56 of House Proceedings, which ensures a voting post debate and passage of a resolution. However, the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led government did not relent, and asserted that they would agree for a debate only under Rule 193, which does not require a voting after the debate.

Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge led the charge against the Government, accusing it of pushing the country into a ‘financial emergency’. Kharge said that it is the democratic right of Opposition to seek a fair debate on a subject affecting the masses. He further accused Government of running away from the debate. However, Speaker of Lok Sabha Sumitra Mahajan urged him to agree for a debate under the rules proposed by Opposition.

No exercise was restrained in the Upper House either. Opposition united in Rajya Sabha to corner the Government and push Arun Jaitley to accept a debate under Rule 56. Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad highlighted the soaring number of deaths across the nation of people standing in queues outside banks.

Leader of House and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley launched a counter attack, accusing the Opposition of being underprepared for the debate and indulging in theatrics to disrupt the working of the House.

“A debate is already underway under rule 267. They have to raise questions and the ministers are accountable to answer their queries. But the Opposition is only interested in finding new ways to disrupt the proceedings,” Jaitley added.

CPI(M) MP Sitaram Yechury stood up against the statements made by Jaitley. He demanded the Government and the Rajya Sabha Chair to extend condolences to the people who have died in bank, ATM queues and the bank employees who passed away due to work related stress. “People have died standing in queues. 11 bank employees died under stress. These people have died under pain. First, the House should pay obituaries to people who have died. This suggestion of Opposition should be taken up first,” Yechury said.

Amid ruckus prevailing during the Question Hour, both the Houses were summoned within the first hour of proceeding. Rajya Sabha was adjourned at 11:15, resumed at 11:30 and was forced to be adjourned again by 12:00. Lok Sabha functioned for nearly 45 minutes amid chaos. However, Speaker Sumitra Mahajan was compelled to adjourn the proceedings at 11:50., only to reconvene it at 12:10.

Both Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha could not function for more than 5 minutes in post noon session. Both houses were adjourned till 2 PM. Lok Sabha was immediately called off for the day after proceedings resumed due to the chaos. Rajya Sabha functioned for nearly 10 minutes only to be adjourned till 3 PM owing to the ruckus. After the House When the House reconvened at 3:00, Opposition members occupied the Well forcing Deputy Speaker PJ Kurien to call off the proceedings for the day.