New Delhi: The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on Thursday suspended two pilots of the Wadia group’s airline GoAir in connection to a ‘serious incident’ after a flight in November lost sight just 50 feet above the ground at Bengaluru airport.

The GoAir A-320 NEO flight flying from Nagpur to Bengaluru with 146 passengers onboard was moments away from a disaster after the crew lost sight due to foggy conditions in Bengaluru seconds before touch down, and ended up on the grass to the left of the runway.

Dismissing the pilots over lack of alertness, the Indian aviation regulator stated, “The crew lost visual reference at about 50 feet, however, they continued to land which is in violation of requirements laid down.” They considered wrong visual reference as the centre line of the runway and consequently, DGCA furthered, manoeuvred the aircraft to the left of Runway 09 of the Bengaluru airport.

As a result, a show-cause notice was given to the captain along with the co-pilot, who have been suspended for a period of six months and three months, respectively, from the date of the incident. Both the pilots have accepted their error.

Additionally, the DGCA had on January 7 issued notice to GoAir for violating the mandatory flight duty time limitation by overworking more than 150 of their pilots. The aviation agency had stated that such violations lead to fatigue among pilots potentially leading to safety issues.