Did Indrani Mukerjea and Sheena Bora have the same father?

Photo: Zee News

The Sheena Bora murder case is getting murkier by the day, as more things are revealed about her mother-who-might-indeed-be-her-sister Indrani Mukerjea (who murdered her) and her ‘extended’ family, including her father, stepfathers, stepbrother who was her boyfriend, and her grandfather who might be her father. Yes, the last point is shocking. Journalist Chandan Nandy, Opinion Editor at The Quint, suggests that Indrani Mukerjea and Sheena Bora have the same father – Upendra Kumar Bora.

This might actually be true, since journalist Vir Sanghvi had revealed that Indrani once told him of sexual abuse by her stepfather Upendra Kumar Bora. Until it is proven that the biological father of Sheena Bora is Siddharth Das, who agreed to undergo a DNA test, this theory holds true. Even the birth certificate of Sheena Bora bears the name of her grandfather Upendra Kumar Bora as her father.

The other theory that Chandan Nandy is pretty sure of is that Sheena Bora was pregnant with Rahul Mukerjea’s child – a very strong reason for Indrani and Sanjeev to have killed her. India.com had also talked about her pregnancy as the motive for the murder, even as other speculations were being made.

But if indeed Upendra Kumar Bora violated Indrani Mukerjea, his adopted daughter, it is a shame. It will also bring focus on how difficult the growing years of Indrani Mukerjea must’ve been. Chandan Nandy is clearly saying that Sheena Bora was born out of sexual abuse of Indrani Mukerjea by her adopted father.

Who is the father of Mikhail Bora aka Michail Bora? We don’t know yet. But Chandan Nandy is convinced that Indrani and Sheena had the same father and says that the police is missing a crucial link by not going after her first husband. (This video was shot before Siddharth Das came out and spoke to the police.)

Why aren’t Sheena’s grandparents being questioned by the police? They probably will now and a lot of things will be revealed then. Let’s not judge any body until then. (ALSO READ:Was Sheena Bora pregnant? Top 5 theories – why Indrani Mukerjea murdered her daughter)