New Delhi, Feb 23: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Friday said that he did not discuss the issue of the invitation to banned terrorist Jaspal Atwal with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Talking to reporters in an event, Trudeau said that he will personally talk to the Canadian MP who invited the Khalistani terrorist to a dinner at High Commission of Canada in the national capital. The invitation has created tensions among the two countries during Trudeau’s seven-day visit.

Trudeau said, “We did not talk about Jaspal Atwal” and added that the situation could have been averted. “Obviously the situation was unacceptable. Like I said yesterday this individual should have never been invited & the MP responsible has taken responsibility. I would be having a conversation with the MP in Canada,” added Trudeau.

The issue has raked up controversy and Ministry of External Affairs said that it will look into matter how Atwal was issued visa to visit the country.

Taking a tough stand on terrorism, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his joint statement with Justin Trudeau, said both countries need to fight the menace of terrorism together. PM Modi said attempts to challenge the integrity of both the nations won’t be tolerated. India and Canada have inked six agreements to boost trade and bilateral ties further.

“It is important for India and Canada to join hands in fighting terrorism. We have agreed to continue our efforts against the menace of terrorism. Terrorism and militancy are a big threat for both the countries,” PM Modi said.

“There should be no space for those who misuse religion for political motives and promote separatism. We will not tolerate those who challenge unity and integrity of our countries,” he added.