New Delhi: In a bizarre turn of events, a man in West Bengal’s Dankuni arrived at a branch of Mannapuram Finance Limited, hoping to secure a loan against his two cows, local media reported. The man, it is said, did so after hearing that cow milk contains gold, a claim made by none other than the BJP’s West Bengal chief Dilip Ghosh.

When asked the reason behind doing this, the man told local media that he wanted a gold loan and hence brought his cows with him. “I cam to know there is gold in cow milk. My family is dependent on these cows. I have 20 cows and if I get the loan, I’ll be able to expand my business.”

Earlier, speaking at a function in Burdwan on Tuesday, the West Bengal BJP chief had triggered mock and ridicule when he said that the reason why cow milk is slight yellowish is because it contains gold, which, he said, was a feature of Indian cows.

Elaborating his ‘theory,’ Ghosh further said, “Cow milk has gold because unlike foreign cows, Indian cows have humps. These humps have an artery called swarnanari. When sunlight falls on it, gold is produced.”

“This texture turns yellow or golden. This milk has preventive properties. A person can live on this kind of milk only. You don’t have to eat anything else. It is a complete food,” he had further said.

The ‘gold in cow milk’ was not the only controversial comment made by Ghosh at the said function. Earlier, he also lashed out at intelligentsia, saying that since some intellectuals eat beef, they should also eat dog meat as it is ‘good for health’.