New Delhi: The Railway Ministry has decided to provide a discount of up to 25% on trains like Shatabdi, Tejas, Gatiman, Intercity trains which have AC Chair Car and Executive class.

Due to the low occupancy rate in such trains, the discount will be provided to bump up ticket sales.

“With a view to improve occupancy in trains, Ministry of Railways have decided to delegate powers to Principal Chief Commercial Managers of Zonal Railways to introduce discounted fare scheme in trains with sitting accommodation of AC Chair car and EC,” read the statement by the ministry.

Here’s All You Need to Know

  • The scheme will be applicable to all trains with AC Chair car and Executive Chair car like Shatabdi, Tejas, Gatimaan, Double Decker, Intercity trains etc.
  • The discount will also be applicable on the Vande Bharat Express, which also has the AC Chair Car and Executive Class seating, provided it runs on less than 50 per cent occupancy.
  • Trains with monthly occupancy of less than 50% in the previous year are eligible for discount.
  • The discounted fare can be given for the full year, part of the year, month-wise, seasonal or for weekend/weekdays.
  • The discount of up to 25% will be given on the base fare.
  • Charges like GST, reservation fee, superfast tariff and others will be levied separately.
  • The discount will not be applicable in the Chennai Central-Mysuru Shatabdi Express (12007/2008), Ahmedabad-Mumbai Shatabdi Express (12010), and the New Jalpaiguri-Howrah Shatabdi Express (12042), in which existing discount schemes will be continued.
  • Graded discount (as in the case of Shatabdi) and 10% discount after the first chart preparation will not be permitted in trains/section of a journey with discounted fare.
  • The tatkal quota will not be earmarked in trains/section of a journey with discounted fare. Tatkal charges will not be levied on the discounted fare.