In yet another shocking incident a passenger travelling in an Air India Patna-Delhi flight found a cockroach in his meal! Yes a passenger named Ram Mahato found a cockroach in the meal served to him on June 20 when he was travelling to Delhi in the Economy Class. The passenger took an image of the same and complained about it. But by the time he found the roach, he had already consumed half of the meal. When he reported about it to the air hostess, he was asked to file a complaint about the incident via email.

The incident happened on June 20, Mahato who is a regular passenger of Air India now claims that Air India would not be his preference while travelling. When Mahato sent a mail complaining about the incident, the General Catering Manager responded with an apology. The manager assured the passenger that the matter will be taken strongly with the caterer.

Government of India enterprise  Air India Limited carrier has always come under the radar for such issues. The complaints have been constantly pouring to the Air India management about gallery carts not being clean. Recently in another incident a passenger on London-bound Air India found a lizard in the meal that was ordered. (ALSO READ: Shocking! Lizard found in Air India AI 111 flight meal, no response from management)