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In today’s modern world of the wedding industry, everything has changed. Weddings are much more elaborate and the number of guests can easily soar over the hundreds. Even though planning a reception is overwhelming, it sometimes hinders the main attraction – entertainment. Also Read - 7 injured in road accident in J&K

We know that picking entertainment is a crucial part of a wedding so why not get advice from one of the hottest DJs out there. DJ Twinbeatz offers their input for the do’s and dont’s of what to look for when searching for a DJ. Harinder & Varinder Singh, formally known as DJ Twinbeatz, are two talented twin brothers from Chicago, Illinois. Their mix of genres and killer beats have caught the attention of Bhangra Empire and mainstream rap artists such as Fat Joe. Also Read - Bollywood Star Couple Ajay Devgn and Kajol Discuss Upcoming Movie 'Shivaay'

While the boys grew up with a father who was a local part-time DJ, they never thought of a career in music. In fact, they wanted to pursue basketball. Unfortunately, they both came suffered injuries and decided to make a career as DJ professionals. With a few extra student loans, dedication, and a passion to learn the art, the boys had nothing stopping them.

Luckily for the twins, there was family support as well. Their parents didn’t push them to pursue traditional career paths as most South Asian parents do. With their parent’s backing, they were able to graduate from the University of Illinois at Chicago alongside building their reputation as DJs. While the name DJ Twinbeatz originated from a friend, it’s now becoming a household name.

Earlier this year, the twins’ music was also featured by Bhangra Empire during their NBA Halftime performance. They described it as “a great feeling to know that our work is being acknowledged across the globe! Having an elite Bhangra team like Bhangra Empire use our work as part of their routine at an NBA game was a blessing. It’s exciting to know that this is just the beginning.”

With that being said, the twin’s advice for creating a memorable reception is by making sure “everyone is on the dancefloor the whole night dancing and enjoying themselves.” While many couples stress and over spend on their grand entrances, the twins prefer the original “bride and groom entering into some Bhangra, going crazy and getting everyone pumped up. It just really sets the mood for the night!”

Even with inter-faith marriages, signifying the union of two different backgrounds, DJ Twinbeatz added that it is imperative to read the crowd, interact, and make sure the energy is always high. “We ensure to keep the dance-floor live and exciting for all of the attending guests!”

In order to have a successful night, the twins recommend looking for quality when deciding to book a DJ. “There’s such a huge number of South Asian wedding DJ’s out there now and one of the best ways to choose a wedding DJ is to search for one who is professional, passionate, creative, and original.”

Originality is an important element when choosing a DJ because very few have originality and the natural ability to read and react to the crowd. “There’s a noticeable difference between the DJ’s who have put countless hours and dedication into perfecting their work compared to the ones who just do it for some quick money.”

To make sure your party is a night to remember, the twins highly recommend everyone to invest in having great entertainment at their wedding. “The extra money you spend for a quality DJ versus an average DJ at your wedding will make a HUGE difference! It’s the one night you’ll remember for the rest of your life, make it memorable and worth it!”

Their advice is simple, “do your research and remember, your goal should be to have a packed and energetic dancefloor all night long!”

While the twins stay busy with their gigs, they have more in store for their fans. “We’re focusing heavily on original music production, so look out for some Twinbeatz singles along with some music videos coming soon! We’ll also constantly continue to release remixes/mixes as we go.”

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