New Delhi: Suresh Tiwari, a BJP MLA from Barhaj constituency of UP’s Deoria has landed himself in trouble after he was seen warning people against buying vegetables from Muslim vendors. “Why make it a big issue?” the MLA said after facing flak for his remarks. This comes days after PM Modi asked people to not communalise the coronavirus pandemic, which has claimed more than 900 lives across the country. Also Read - Mumbai to Open Drive-in Vaccination Centres in Several Areas. Check List

“Keep this in mind and I am saying this openly, no one should buy vegetables from Muslims,”  the 74-year-old  Tiwari can be heard saying in a 14-second video clip, which is being shared on social media. Also Read - CM Yogi Issues Fresh Instructions, Tasks Team-9 To Ensure All-Round Effort To Tackle Covid 2.0

However after facing flak, the BJP MLA stated that people told him Muslim vendors are spitting on them. “I was talking to 10-12 people over the lockdown. I was told that Muslim vendors who are selling vegetables are spitting. So I told them that I cannot do anything but they should avoid buying from these vendors to make sure that they don’t get coronavirus. When people are asking what to do…. what should a MLA say? Did I say anything wrong? Why make it a big issue,” the UP MLA reportedly said.

Samajwadi Party spokesperson Anurag Bhadauriya has lambasted Tiwari for his comments, saying that BJP leaders are busy spreading hate in the society in such challenging times. Bhadauriya also demanded sedition charges against the BJP MLA for his communal remarks.