Kolkata: The doctors’ protest ended earlier this week after the West Bengal held talks with them and made some assurances but Muslim are embarrassed it was members of their community who initiated the attack that escalated into a nation-wide stir. Adding insult to injury was the attack on former Miss India Universe Ushoshi Sengupta this week.

In a letter to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, a group of Muslims in Kolkata have urged her not to show leniency to assailants just because they were from the minority community.

In their letter, they wrote, “In the last two incidents NRS junior doctors attack case and Ushoshi Sengupta heckling case, we have seen how the accused are from my (Muslim community). We have seen the present day government in several instances allow the accused from the Muslim community go scot free and are not tried.

“Asking the CM to act with “speed and sensitivity”, the letter points out that they are “grieved and embarrassed”.

The letter was shared by columnist Mudar Patherya, also one of the signatories, on Facebook.The letter says the state government has to bring the accused to justice irrespective of their faith. “Bring the assailants to book, not just in these two instances but every single instance where Muslims are involved.

They should not be allowed to get away scot-free because they happened to be Muslims (as is the growing perception).

“The group wrote that this will help end the perception that the Trinamool government had an appeasement policy.

The letter also asks the government to run gender sensitisation, civic consciousness and law compliance programmes for the Muslim youth in Kolkata.

Calling themselves “thousands of silent sufferers”, the group mentions names of some eminent Muslims of Kolkata while signing off.

Mudar Pathreya later told media, “Muslim community in Bengal has been only reduced to vote bank politics and are a tool of appeasement. Nothing concrete towards the development and empowerment of the community has been done…In 2021, we will think about whether to vote for TMC or BJP.”

A couple of days ago, Sengupta was allegedly harassed by a gang of bikers in Kolkata while returning home from work in an app-based cab. She claimed she sought help from officers of Maidan police station in the heart of the city, and later went to Charu Market police station in South Kolkata.

On both the occasions, Sengupta was allegedly told that the police couldn’t help as the incident did not occur in their jurisdiction.

As Sengupta shared her ordeal on social media and it went viral, police got into action and eventually, seven people were arrested. A senior police officer told PTI, “Those arrested seem to be locals who have been violating traffic rules for quite some time. We are hopeful of nabbing the others from the CCTV footage of the surrounding areas.”

The doctors’ strike came about after the state government’s alleged apathy to the assault of a medical intern in Kolkata’s NRS Medical College by a deceased patient’s relatives. The week-long strike ended this Monday when CM Banerjee met a delegation from the protesting junior doctors.