Shimla: A 35-year-old man had reportedly swallowed 8 spoons, 2 screwdrivers, 2 toothbrushes and 1 kitchen knife which were successfully removed by doctors at Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri Government Medical College in Mandi of Himachal Pradesh. When the patient was admitted to the hospital, there was an object projecting from his stomach.

News agency ANI quoted Dr Nikhil as saying, “After investigation, it was found that some metallic objects were inside his stomach. Our team of surgeon immediately operated him. He is stable now.”

Nikhil further stated that the patient has a psychiatric illness as a normal person can’t eat a spoon or knife. He termed case to be rare one. The condition of the patient after the surgery is reportedly stable.

In a similar case in 2017, a 50-year-old tribal from Maharashtra’s Palghar district was operated upon by doctors to remove the 72 coins he had swallowed over a long period. He was later diagnosed with certain mental illnesses, according to doctors.

Dr Amit Kele, who led the team of doctors that operated on Krishna Somalya Sambar, said that Sambar was suffering from a rare case of metallophagia, an impulse to swallow metallic objects. Kele said, “He is suffering from ‘bezoar’- a gastrointestinal disorder- and ‘pica’- a compulsive disorder of eating non-nutritional substances- for the past 20 years. This made him a habitual eater of iron and metal coins. Some got flushed out of his system in the natural course of excretion but others remained.” The condition of the patient was stable after the operation.

(With agency inputs)