New Delhi: A photo of a dog saluting the 15 Corps Commander Lt gen KJS Dhillon and the Commander saluting it back has gone viral on social media. “A picture tells a thousand stories … On RVC Day, a salute and respect to the most trusted and selfless buddy at all times.
A rare pic and a rare gesture,” read the caption of the photo on Twitter. RVC day is Remount and Veterinary Corps Day which is observed on December 14. The heartwarming photo went viral in no time as people observed how a true soldier is saluting another one.

Digging deeper, it has been found that the dog’s name is Menaka and the photo was taken on July 1, the first day of the Amarnath Yatra. While the corps Commander was going to visit the holy case, he met Menaka around 50 metres before the shrine. Menaka was on duty there. Seeing the Army Commander, Menaka saluted him. As per the traditions of the Indian Army, all seniors are supposed to reciprocate the salute and that is why Lt Gen Dhillon also returned the salute, said an ANI report. The commander, too, shared the photo and saluted Menaka once again on Twitter.


The Remount and Veterinary Corps is an operational branch of the Indian Army which is responsible for vbreeding., rearing and training of all animals used in the army.