Beijing, Aug 8: Calling New Delhi as “naive” now as the Jawaharlal Nehru government was in 1962, Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of China’s state-run newspaper Global Times, on Monday said, “New Delhi isn’t preparing for the worst but rather is teaching Indian citizens to just hope for the best. Is the Indian government like a church leading its citizens in prayer?”Also Read - Live India vs England Score And Updates 1st Test, Day 1: Joe Root Opt to Bat First

In a 1-minute-42-second video posted on the Global Times website on Monday evening, Hu said, “If India keeps ignoring China’s warnings, war is inevitable.” Government officials in New Delhi rejected such “war-mongering” by the Global Times editor-in-chief and said that they do not wish to comment on any provocative statements at a time “diplomats are talking” to address the standoff over Doklam. Also Read - Exclusive | Iran's Relationship with India has 'Far More Potential' Than China: Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Hu, who releases short videos on the Global Times website almost every week, referred to Indian media reports that despite all the angry rhetoric, Indian security authorities are reasonably sure China wouldn’t risk starting a war, not even a small scale military operation. “Of course China doesn’t want war,” he said in the video. “We hope to restore peace and to get along with one another. That really goes without saying. But if Indian forces continue to hang around on Chinese soil, that’s something completely different. I am very surprised that Indian security authorities would say otherwise. And make such guarantees to the media that China wouldn’t take military action.” Also Read - Pakistani Teenager Runs Away from Home, Crosses Border to India After Argument With Family

“If Indian security authorities want to trick the (Narendra) Modi administration, I think war will be hard to avoid. Because this means India is emboldened enough not to heed China’s warning, leaving war as the only possible solution left. In 1962, the Nehru government was confident that China wouldn’t strike. India is as naive now as it was back then. What a curious country,” Hu said, signing off.

Hu Xijin’s remark comes days after the Chinese Defence Ministry said that India should not test its patience over Doklam and that “restraint has a bottom line”. The Ministry told New Delhi to “give up the illusion of its delaying tactic, as no country should underestimate the Chinese forces’ confidence and capability”. Despite China raising the ante over the Doklam stand-off, India has maintained that it will continue to engage with Beijing diplomatically to resolve the border dispute and that war is not a solution.

A standoff between Indian and Chinese troops is continuing along the border in Doklam in Sikkim sector close to the tri-junction of India, China and Bhutan, since June 16. The standoff started after Indian soldiers stopped Chinese troops from constructing a road in Bhutanese territory.