Washington, Apr 28 :  Emboldened by fresh primary wins, Republican front-runner Donald Trump has unveiled his “America first” foreign policy and vowed to halt the spread of radical Islam, eliminate the ISIS, prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and improve ties with Russia and China. “I’d like to talk today about how to develop a new foreign policy direction for our country, one that replaces randomness with purpose, ideology with strategy, and chaos with peace,” 69-year-old Trump said, asserting that it’s time to “shake the rust off” America?s foreign policy. “My foreign policy will always put the interests of the American people and American security above all else,” the Republican leader said. “It has to be first. Has to be.” Trump did not mention India in his major foreign policy speech yesterday, but said that his administration would seek to improve ties with Russia and China. The speech came a day after Trump declared himself as a “presumptive” Republican nominee when he won primaries in all the five states – Maryland, Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. Also Read: Donald Trump says may seek India’s help on ‘unstable’ Pakistan’s nukes Also Read - Joe Biden Administration 'Undecided' On Ending Trump-Era H-1B Visa Ban

He said sending troops overseas would be his last option and would depend diplomacy and country?s economic power. “To our friends and allies, I say America is going to be strong again. America is going to be reliable again. It’s going to be a great and reliable ally again. It’s going to be a friend again. We’re going to finally have a coherent foreign policy based upon American interests and the shared interests of our allies,” he said. “We’re getting out of the nation-building business and instead focusing on creating stability in the world. Our moments of greatest strength came when politics ended at the water’s edge. We need a new rational American foreign policy,” he said. Also Read - This 10-Second Video Clip Has Been Sold For a Whopping Rs 48.4 Crore, What's Special About It?

Observing that the US needs a long-term plan to halt the spread and reach of radical Islam, Trump said containing the spread of radical Islam must be a major foreign policy goal of the United States and indeed the world. “Events may require the use of military force, but it’s also a philosophical struggle, like our long struggle in the Cold War. In this, we’re going to be working very closely with our allies in the Muslim world, all of which are at risk from radical Islamic violence, attacks and everything else. It is a dangerous world, more dangerous now than it has ever been,” he said. “We should work together with any nation in the region that is threatened by the rise of radical Islam. But this has to be a two-way street,” he said, adding that the days of ISIS are numbered. Also Read - Joe Biden Revokes Donald Trump's Visa Ban On Many Green Card Applicants, Says US Businesses Harmed