Mumbai, July 23: Actress Suchitra Krishnamoorthy on Sunday said she wakes up in the early hours to perform Yoga and offer her prayers. Suchitra further added that she does not need loudspeakers to remind her of her God and her duties. Her comments come in wake of recent debate of over the use of loudspeakers for prayer calls in the early hours of the day. Also Read - Abhijeet Bhattacharya Opens About Favouritism in Music Industry, Says 'Who is Salman Khan to Decide Who Should Sing a Song'

Earlier, renowned singer Sonu Nigam objected to the use of loudspeakers for azaan in the morning, which allegedly disturbed his sleep during the dawn period. On April 17, the singer had described the loud sermons from the loudspeakers as hooliganism in a series of tweets.

This was followed by a fatwa being issued against Nigam by Kolkata-based cleric, Syed Sha Atef Ali Al Quaderi, who asked him to shave off his head for his tweets.

Nigam had stressed that his tweets were against the use of loudspeakers in morning sermons and not aimed at any particular religion.

He said,”I only spoke against the use of loudspeakers. Everybody has a right to his opinion. I have the right to have an opinion and it should not be misconstrued. Loudspeakers are not a necessity; they are not a part of any religion.”

He had said,”I have come to understand that You can wake up someone who’s sleeping, but can not wake up one who’s pretending to sleep when he’s awake. Media, is divided. Some Nationalists, some just Cold blooded Pseudos not ready to learn from our History of Traitors. Hv (Have) seen Love Pouring in from Most Quarters 4 (for) my Balanced approach; & unreasonable, illogical, ruthless, Profanities being hurled frm (from) other.”

(With inputs from PTI)