New Delhi: Addressing party workers in Odisha’s Rourkela on Wednesday, Congress president Rahul Gandhi emphasised on how the Prime Minister now looks  ‘shattered’ and urged workers to not use harsh words against him or any political adversary.

The crowd had reportedly chanted ‘Murdabad’ on the mention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Rahul Gandhi’s speech, to which the party president responded, “These words (murdabad) are used by the BJP/RSS people. We, in Congress, do not use these words as we believe in love and affection.”

Highlighting the word ‘love’ in his speech, Rahul Gandhi further said that the Prime Minister is visibly facing a harrowing time and it shows on his face.

A PTI report quoted him, “Wherever he (Modi) looks, there is Rafale, kisan (farmer), mazdoor (labourer) and women. Narendra Modi is now being gheraoed (surrounded) by all. There has been a change in his face, mood and expressions. We have not done it with hatred. We have questioned him with love. We have done it by using love. We will defeat him.”

A hopeful Congress president also added that the party shall use the same love and affection to win against the ruling Biju Janata Dal in Odisha.