New Delhi: Just a day after addressing the nation on coronavirus outbreak, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday interacted with the people of Varanasi, his own constituency, and suggested them not to treat the coronavirus on their own as it might pose some health risk. Also Read - 'Mahabharata War Won in 18 Days, Coronavirus Fight Will Take 21 Days,' Says PM Modi During Interaction With People of Varanasi

While interacting with them, PM Modi also encouraged them saying that the fight against the COVID-19 will be over in 21 days as he has already announced a 21-day lockdown across the country. Also Read - PM Modi Interacts With People of Varanasi: Don’t Attempt to Treat Coronavirus Infection on Your Own

Here are top 10 quotes from the Prime Minister’s interaction with the people of Varanasi. Also Read - 'Will Home Deliver Essential Commodities,' Promises CM Adityanath During 21-day Lockdown

1) In this battle against COVID-19, I noticed that our Army of children are playing a major role. They are making their parents understand what to do and what not to do, how to wash hands and how not to follow wrong practices. Several families and parents have shared such videos of their children on social media, and I have watched some of them. I will try and share some of them with all of you, in a day or two.

2) You should not attempt to treat Coronavirus infection on your own. Stay at your home, do things only after consulting a doctor. Call them up, ask them, tell them your ailments. We will have to note that no vaccine has been developed for it so far, anywhere in the world. Scientists in India and across the world are working on it, work is going on rapidly. If someone recommends you a medicine then kindly talk to your doctor first. Take a medicine only after consulting a doctor.

3) You might have seen in news that how lives have been threatened in some countries of the world after people took medicines on their own. We should steer clear of all kinds of superstitions and rumours.

4) These days, people in hospitals are working for around 18 hours per day; people in healthcare sector are not getting more than 2-3 hours of sleep. Civil society people are working day in, day out to help poor. We should salute such people who are serving society in this critical hour. Healthcare professionals working in white uniforms in hospitals are like God for us today, they are saving us from the disease. They are saving us by risking their own lives.

5) Whoever has the capability, take the pledge to take care of 9 families for 21 days, it will be a true ‘Navratri’. Due to the lockdown, animals are also facing trouble. I appeal to people to take care of the animals around them.

6) This country’s common man believes in taking the right step at the right time. On 22 March, it was clearly seen how all the citizens supported Janata Curfew and then at 5 PM, expressed gratitude for the professionals fulfilling their duties in essential services.

7) I appeal to all the citizens, if you notice any incident where professionals, such as doctors and nurses, are ill-treated then you should take an initiative to make such people (those who are ill-treating healthcare professionals) understand that they are wrong.

8) I have told Home Ministry and DGPs to take strict action against those who are not supporting or not co-operating with doctors, nurses and other professionals who are serving us in this critical time.

9) Mahabharat war was won in 18 days, this war the whole country is fighting against corona will take 21 days. Our aim is to win this war in 21 days.

10) The Central government has formed a help desk, in collaboration with WhatsApp, to seek correct information about Coronavirus. If you have access to WhatsApp you can use the number 9013151515 for the purpose. If you write ‘Namaste’ on this WhatsApp number, either in English or in Hindi, then you will get an immediate response.