When the news of former President and renowned scientist Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam demise came across, the countrymen felt nothing less than a jolt. The sudden death of 84-year-old smiling ‘Missile Man’ sent shock waves all across the nation. The entire country is deeply affected by the passing away of beloved President Abdul Kalam and went into mourning. Everyone from a child to the eminent personalities offered their heartfelt condolences but there was one by Congressman and former Finance Minister P Chidambaram, which shifted the spotlight slightly on another former President, Pratibha Patil. And going by the reaction seen on the social media, one can say that Congress’s decision to make Pratibha Patil the President over Abdul Kalam is neither forgotten nor forgiven by the People of India. Also See: APJ Abdul Kalam passes away: Life of former Indian President in pictures.

When P Chidambaram’s condolence message for late President APJ Abdul Kalam was posted on Twitter that read, “In recent history, only a few people had endeared themselves to the young and old, to the poor and the rich, to the educated and the unlettered, and to the people belonging to different faiths and speaking different languages,” there burst out the public’s deep down angst towards Congress and hatred towards Pratibha Patil. During the governance of NDA, Dr. Abdul Kalam replaced K. R. Narayanan to become the 11th President of India but he was replaced by Pratibha Patil under UPA rule much to the dislike and anger of the country. Also: APJ Abdul Kalam’s residence in Rameswaram: Watch video of former President’s House of Kalam.

Pratibha Patil, who despite being the first woman to become the President of India could never touch the glory of what Abdul Kalam had attained. He was a people’s person, a simpleton who looked towards making the country a better place, whose goal was to give the coming generation a better future. On the contrary, Patil remained involved in controversy related to using public collected tax money on personal trips to foreign land to aiding reportedly murderer relatives. Take a look at few of the tweets that clearly states the justified anger towards the successor of APJ Abdul Kalam.


The 12th President of India meanwhile offered her condolence by writing, “He was the best human being I came across. I feel very sorry. He had good humour, had very good presence of mind and always wanted to give something to society”

Congress leader Chidambaram had more to write about the Bharat Ratna recipient, “At the same I pay tribute to the life and work of Kalam as a teacher, scientist, as a team leader, as the first citizen of India, and above all, a great human being filled with love and compassion,” he said.

 Well, these are just a fragment of the vast reaction of the country, which is still mourning the loss of their favourite President. Abdul Kalam was much more than being the President of this country. It is a personal loss and a huge void that will take a lot of time to fill. RIP Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, you shall live in our memories forever and will always continue to inspire us.