Mumbai, Aug 18: Christian pastor Dr Sebastian Martin, who is popularly known as the Healer Baba, passed away on Wednesday. Dr Sebastian Martin was found dead at his residence in Mumbai’s Vasai area. The controversial pastor Dr Sebastian Martin drew attention when he claimed to heal patients suffering from various ailments through prayer at live events. Here’s a video of Healer Baba in which he cures a kidney transplant patient in a public event. Also Read - Thousands of Maharashtra Farmers Reach Mumbai to Protest Agri Laws, to Hold Rally at Azad Maidan Today

In this video, a woman, who is a patient of kidney transplant, comes to Dr Sebastian Martin for cure. The woman claims that she cannot walk without any support because of kidney failure. “Since 9 years, I have been suffering. My 3 dics are spoiled. My both the kidneys have failed,” says the woman. Then the Healer Baba takes task of healing both kidneys of the woman. People present at the event get excited and cheer of him. (ALSO READ: All you need to know about the ‘Healer Baba’ and his life full of ‘miracle’) Also Read - Petrol, Diesel Prices Rise Yet Again | Check Rates in Various Metro Cities

“In the holy name of Jesus, may both the kidneys be healed!,” says Dr Martin. Moments after, the woman starts walking and running. “No your both the kidneys have been healed,” claims the Healer Baba. Many believe that Dr Martin had some divine powers to cure disease. Dr Sebastian Martin was running the ‘Ashirwad Prayer Centre’ in Vasai. The website of the centre has several such videos of ‘miracle’. Watch the video below: Also Read - Petrol Prices Touch Record High in Delhi & Mumbai | Check Prices Here

Dr Sebastian Martin was admitted in a hospital with a spinal problem in February, a day after Vasai police in Mumbai registered a case under the Black Magic Act against him. According to the website of Ashirwad Prayer Centre, Dr Sebastian Martin is the founder and director of the ‘Ashirwad Prayer Centre’ and is in full time ministry for 18 years. In January, 1985, he accepted Lord Jesus as his personal Saviour and he served the Lord for 12 years while he was working as a Lecturer in college. Dr. Sebastian Martin holds a postgraduate degree in commerce and a professional degree of Chartered Accountancy.