New Delhi: An auto-rickshaw driver was arrested for driving his rickshaw on a platform at Virar Railway Station in Mumbai to pick a pregnant woman and take her to the hospital. Apparently, the driver had caused inconvenience to other passengers and flouted the rules and regulation of Railways.

Thus Railway Protection Force (RPF) arrested him but not immediately as the lady was already in extreme labour pain. Later, the driver was released on bail with a warning by the court. The woman’s husband who boarded the auto-rickshaw outside the railway station, brought the vehicle to the platform after a local train they boarded to go to the hospital got cancelled because of water-logging on the railway tracks.

A video of the incident that took place at around 9 AM on Sunday on platform number two at Virar railway station went viral on social media. News agency ANI also tweeted the video on Tuesday.

Speaking on the arrest made in the case, Virar Railway Protection Force (RPF) In-charge Pravin Kumar Yadav said, “The auto-rickshaw driver gave an example of humanity, but he was arrested for risking the life of other passengers and violating rules and regulation of Railways.”