New Delhi: Narcotics worth Rs 1,300 which were probably being smuggled for New Year parties in Delhi have been seized in one of the country’s largest seizures so far. The international drug cartel involved in it has been busted and nine people have been arrested. According to a PTI report, the syndicate has a wide area of operation spanning across Delhi, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Maharashtra in India. The international links were in Australia, Canada, the US, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Nigeria.

The seized drug in India has an international value of Rs 100 crore and the total worth of the seizure effected from this cartel is Rs 1,300 crore.

Indonesian drug dealer Monika Rainheart has been arrested. According to reports, Monika was in-charge of drug distribution in India. A TOI report has revealed the modus operandi of this huge network. It may sound unbelievable but they used to ferry drugs on flights as this is the cheapest option. Monika befriended pilots and crew members and frequent fliers between South America and India.

Rainheart has an interesting history in her career as a drug dealer. In 2017, she was working at a private firm in Bali. According to reports, at a nightclub, she med an Indian and both came up with the idea of setting up a narcotics chain.

For the current consignment, Rainhert came to India in November and stayed at a South Delhi guesthouse. Police received the tip-off from Australia where another consignment of this syndicate was seized and Australian police traced those narcotics to Delhi.

In September, an Australian man was apprehended at the Indira Gandhi International Airport carrying contraband of Rs 21 crore.

(With Agency Inputs)