Photo Courtesy: Screengrab from IndiaToday’s report

Just days after the city is recovering from the gruesome accident involving corporate lawyer Janhavi Gadkar, who rammed her car into another in an inebriated state while driving on the wrong side of the road, here is another incident involving alcohol and the steering wheel – and it does not end well. The culprit here was returning from a party and her car was stopped by the Mumbai police for one of their routine checks. Seeing the cops, she fled and the cops chased her down and her car was parked on the side of the road in Bandra. Also Read: Justice for Janhavi Gadkar: If Salman Khan deserves bail, so does the lawyer in Mumbai Audi Crash

When asked to step out of her vehicle, she refused and played loud music and smoked cigarettes while locking her door and rolling down the windows. The concerned cops had then summoned a set of experts to jimmy the car door. After being arrested, the lady hurled abuses at the cops and tried to punch a cameraman. The footage of that can be seen in the video below.

Ms Ghadkar had killed two people on the Eastern Freeway in Chembur and it opened the growing menace of rising number of drunken drivers in Mumbai. Plans have been put in place to curb drivers under the influence of alcohol and drugs. The woman in question here was slapped with charges of drunken driving and various other cases of being caught in the wrong side of the law.