New Delhi: After Congress’s Manmohan Singh, Jitin Prasada on Sunday spoke about the sinking economy. However, unlike Singh who held the Modi government responsible for the downturn, Prasada attributed population rise as the cause of the slumping economy. The former Minister of State for Human Resource also emphasized on the need to rise above politics and working together.

“Economy is sinking, unemployment is rising. It happened because the population wasn’t controlled. Effect on the environment, water crisis, pressure on natural resources is due to rise in India’s population. On issues of national interest, we should rise above politics & work together,” Jitin Prasada said.

Prasada also called for a nationwide discussion on population control. He added, “law should be made for the same. If the country has to move forward, concrete steps have to be taken. I demand the govt that whatever laws have to be brought in on this issue, should be brought in.”

Earlier in the day, Manmohan Singh lashed out at the Narendra Modi-led government for the ongoing economic crisis in the country, claiming that “India’s economy has not yet recovered from the man-made blunders of demonetisation and a hastily implemented GST”. “The state of the economy today is deeply worrying. Last quarter’s GDP growth rate of 5% signals that were in midst of a prolonged slowdown. India has the potential to grow at a much faster rate but all-round mismanagement by Modi govt has resulted in this slowdown,” said the former Prime Minister in a video statement, days after the Central Statistics Office (CSO) showed that India’s economy expanded at its slowest pace in over six years.

He urged the government to put aside vendetta politics as “India cannot afford to continue down this path”. “It is particularly distressing that the manufacturing sector’s growth is tottering at 0.6%. This makes it very clear that our economy has not yet recovered from the man-made blunders of demonetisation and hastily implemented GST,” he stated.