Bhopal: Ruling Congress MLA from Madhya Pradesh, Bisahulal Singh, on Sunday returned to Bhopal from Bengaluru after remaining ‘missing’ for the last six days and said he had left home on his own volition as he was unhappy over not being given a ministerial berth. Also Read - 'Ek ke Badle Teen Wicket,' Congress Warns BJP Over Attempts to 'Topple' Madhya Pradesh Government

Singh also claimed that he was neither held hostage nor offered any money by the BJP to topple the Kamal Nath-led government, as claimed by senior party leader Digvijay Singh. Also Read - BJP With Help of Mafias Trying to Destabilise Congress Govt in Madhya Pradesh: Kamal Nath  

Singh has become the eighth MLA to return after remaining ‘missing’, prompting state Home minister Bachchan to say that “the BJP’s bid to unseat our government has failed”.

Bachchan also said that two more MLAs of the Congress, namely Hardeep Singh Dang and Raghuraj Kansana who are believed to be camping in Bengaluru, will return shortly. With Singh’s return, all but two ‘missing’ MLAs of the Congress are now accounted for.

Earlier this week, the Congress claimed that the BJP had “abducted” some MLAs of the ruling party as well as its allies BSP and the SP to bring down the Madhya Pradesh government, an allegation which the opposition party denied.

After reaching Bhopal from Bengaluru en route Indore on Sunday evening, MLA Singh said he had left home as he was unhappy over not being considered for a Cabinet berth.

“I went on a pilgrimage to Southern India and visited temples there. I was unhappy so I went out. I was unhappy because I was not given a Cabinet berth despite being an MLA for five terms. Is it a sin (to be unhappy)? Even junior MLAs were accommodated in the council of ministers,” he told reporters in a lighter vein after meeting Chief Minister Kamal Nath.

Responding to a question, the MLA said neither he was held hostage by the BJP nor was he offered any money. Singh, however, ruled out joining the BJP.

“I am with the Congress for the last 40 years. The CM has assured me that my grievances will be looked into immediately and no work in my constituency (Anuppur) will left unaccomplished,” he said when asked about what transpired during his meeting with the CM.