Lucknow, May 2: In a heart-wrenching video, a man hailing from the Etawah district in the Uttar Pradesh was seen carrying the dead body of his son on shoulders after the doctors denied him the services of an ambulance to carry his body to his native village.

Udayveer, 45 years bereaved father said that his 15-year son had an ache in his leg and doctors did not even check him properly.  He said, “My son just had a pain in his legs. The doctors spared only a few minutes to see my child and said take him away, there is no life in the boy.” It must be reminded that Indian tax system has been taxing him for last 45 years though indirect taxes.

The crying labourer said that no one offered him help and he was compelled to carry his body on his shoulders. He added that neither the hospital authorities asked him about the ambulance nor anybody offered help in carrying his body. However, the hospital denied charges of not treating the patient properly. Chief Medical Officer of Etawah, Dr Rajeev Yadav, said, “The boy was brought dead to the hospital Monday afternoon.

Yadav added, “I am told the doctors were busy with a bus accident case and so they could not ask him (Udayveer) if he needed transport. There will be action… no doubt it is a blot on the reputation of this hospital and the fault is ours.”

The incident reminds the country of another Dana Manjhi incident who had to carry his wife’s body on shoulders for 10 Kilometres before being stopped by the reporters of a local Tv who arranged him the ambulance.